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We had a similar suggestion in in the Meet the Community thread discussion, but there may be new favorite moments or stories that have arisen since then. So I thought, why not see what everyones favorite moments have been. These could have either been directly involving your own characters, or one you've watched and followed from the outside (such as on a stream). It could be just a single interaction or moment, or an entire narrative. Whats been your favorite RP in RLRP?

Note: Please be mindful about spoiling any on going narrative other players have going on they may otherwise not want known at the moment.

For myself, while there have been many many great Rp moments from the funny to the complicated the one I'll share this time has to have been while playing Wilbur Wibble.
Those of you that had met him, may remember him as a 75 year old man, who didn't know how to work his phone and believed he was an ambassador for the great space faring race the Kha'Tah.
Wilbur was taken hostage by another character, held at gun point where they told him to put a call through to the police stating I would get shot unless the chief came to our location ASAP. So Wibble did just that while kneeling on aching knees.
5 minutes. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. Longer still but there was no sound of sirens, no blue and red flashing lights to be seen.
Becoming ever more frustrated, happens to check on their phone and see's a tweet from Wibble along the lines of 'Phone; call police and say this crazy lady is going to kill me unless the chief comes immediately'.
Needless to say she was royally pissed, but probably learnt a lesson; never trust an old man to know how to work his phone.
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One of my favorite rp moments, was the day i was logged on as stephen james, just hanging with babs and clark the whole day.
We ended up doing a lot of wierd shit where we dressed up like ailiens and we were driving arround in multicoloured bifta's just fucking arround with the police.

And then there was this other time, where i got into rp with babs and clark again hahaha, and we ended up doing the same thing, but going arround with fake looks and pretending to be someone else, and then the day ended with me falling off the back of a flatbed truck and i was left on the senora fwy. that day was a day full of good memories, which i will allways love.

(Video of me falling off the truck)

And last but not least, the old legion/rain yoga, the best memories from rp that i have had, was when people usually met up at legion, but on the good old side of legion, chatting bullshit and just being wierd people,


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Can i post a weekly moment ? xD i have so many stories to be honest.

I think the RP i enjoyed the most recently was ripping someone off (everyone act suprised)
Someone owned me 100K. And that person thought it was a good deal to sell me a surton ammound of something i may or may not sell myself.
For a price of 70K. Worth off 650K *wich he did not know ofcourse). I happely took the deal and told him is debt has been payed.
10 min later i tried to sell it on dark web with the actual price. He does now think im in debt with him. But we all know how it is ;)

Also, The moments i have had with Fame or shame, the amazing acts we have seen, the rp all around it.


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