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To play on the server, you need to have TokoVOIP and TeamSpeak installed on your computer. This system replaces the in game voice system to give a much improved system.


First off, download and install TeamSpeak 3 from their website:

Once installed you will need to add our server to your list. Our TS3 server address is:

You can either click on Connections > Connect (or press Ctrl-S) and enter the server address in. Nickname is not too important so type what you wish here.


You can add us to your bookmarks via Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks
Give your bookmark a name, enter a nickname & enter the server address. The rest you can leave as default.

Now is a good time to go into the Option and test your Audio Setup to ensure it works. You can also setup you "Push To Talk" keys here.

Once you have installed and tested TeamSpeak, you now need to installed TokoVOIP plugin.

You can download this here:

You MUST have version 1.5.4 installed, anything lower than this and it will not work.

To install, run the file downloaded with TS closed.

Setting Up

Turn off FiveM In Game VOIP

1st, ensure you have turned off the in game voip system. This can be found in Settings > Voice Chat.​
Ensure Voice Chat is set to off.​

Setup and Connect TeamSpeak

Before connecting to the server, ensure you have TeamSpeak loaded and connected to the server so that you are in the lobby. (Note: You MUST be in the lobby and no other room for those that can connect to other rooms).​
Once connected, ensure that you have the TokoVoip option in the Plugins Menu available.​
Now check that TS is set up to Push To Talk. This is found in Tools > Options > Capture.​
Activation should be set to Push-To-Talk, set you key, then turn on Release delay to ensure that any voice as you release the key does not get cut off. We would suggest 0.3 to 0.5 secs.​

Connect to Server

Load up FiveM and join the server. You can then select your character and spawn in.​
Now in TeamSpeak go to Plugins > TokoVOIP > Connect​
If you have everything setup correctly, the system should now see you and move you to the main server channel.​

In Game Keys
The keys used in game are now slightly different.

Standard Push To Talk - What ever you set Teamspeak to above
Talking on Phone - CAPS
Talking on Emergency Services Radio - CAPS
Voip Range - Shift H

If you have any issues using TokoVoip, please use the #support-chat in Discord for more assistance.


We would strongly advise turning off TeamSpeak Sound packs (e.g. User Joined Channel etc) as this will get annoying during RP. To do this, go to: Tools > Options > Notifications. Select Sound Pack: sounds deactivated.


Join Discord

Connect To Server

Make sure you have installed Teamspeak With TokoVoip, How to see here