RLRP Phone Update

Hey Family,

We wanted to take this time to ask you guys if you want any features added to the new phone that may not be on the current one,

The new phone system has a lot more features than the current phone at the moment however we wanted you guys to give us all your suggestions now so that we can add more features while finishing the development.

Please reply to this post with any suggestions you may have for the new phone, please keep in mind that all suggestions may not be included in the initial launch of the phone however we will continue to update the phone after the launch.


- RLRP Dev Team.
I would like to add to this now that someone yesterday suggested unread notifications, i'm happy to say this has been added. :)


Senior Staff Team
-Phone lock (code or whatever) , and a ''special'' illigal item to break the Phone if needed.
-Camera option, Selfies and maby small filters
-Avaidable to send emotes in a text or post
-Avaidable to block people so they cant call you (not sure if its possible for text)
-Notepad on the phone
-Multijob as an app on the Phone
-different ringtones ( PLEASE )
-Possibility future, Order app (for an actual legal job for example food, coffee, Products like tampons dilivery)
-Picture Library (for the Selfies you can take)
-Weazel news app

Thats it for now , might have more another time hihi


Community Member
Community Member
  1. Weazel News App.
  2. Instagram could also be cool.
  3. Phone lock code you can put on when buying a phone to make it harder to access when stolen
  4. Maybe a Auction app / Ebay where people can put anything up on there for a min price it will be up for 24 hours for example and people can bid against each other to get it from cars to phones to toolkits.


Community Member
I was thinking of actually having the opportunity to charge your phone every other hour or so.


New member
What about a working stock market and uber app for people to deliver food and invest into things, preferably local businesses?

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