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This step by step guide is to help you install and use our server's launcher.

Step 1. click on this link to download our launcher. Revival Life RP Launcher

Step 2. Once downloaded go to the folder your download's are located and double click the file RLRP-Launcher-Build.exe

Step 3. A warning from windows might appear click on "more info" then click run anyway now the installation will start

Step 4. Once installed it will open the launcher.

Step 5. Once the launcher has opened it will look like this Click me to see picture

Step 6. Now click on Play Server it will then open a window where you need to point it towards your FiveM file once located click on FiveM.exe then click on Select FiveM
(Best way to locate is to right click your FiveM desktop icon and open file location this will open the location FiveM is installed to)

Step 7. Click on Play Server again and wait! this bit is automatic as it will open your FiveM and automatically connect you to our server.

Step 8. If you click on the teamspeak icon located above the Play Server icon it will open your TeamSpeak and automatically connect to our TeamSpeak server.

Step 9. Have fun on our server.

Additional stuff.

Have you ever wanted a map with street names? or a custom graphics pack to enhance how your games looks well on our laucher you might of seen a bit called "Install assests" if you click on this a screen like this will open Click me to view now you have a choice of two maps an Atlas map or satellite map if you lets say want to install the atlas map if you click on "Install Atlas Map" this will then start the installation process for the map this bit is autmatic just sit and wait after it has finished revert to step 7.
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