Reflections on RP and how to improve?? New to the community?


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Disclaimer: Comments below do NOT represent opinions of Admin/Staff/Support Team of CLRP. They are purely my own observations and opinions.

Hi CLRP Community,
As you all know we have had a great influx of people to this RP Community (which is awesome) in the past couple of months. Some of you are experienced in the realms of RP, others are band new.
With the influx of new RPer's to the community comes the opportunity to make new friends and awesome RP experiences. However, this also brings to light the fact that some people may not fully understand some of the finer details that RP has to offer, and this is not a bad thing.
I call on the seasoned veterans of the community to be the leaders in teaching these new faces what it means to RP, and this can be a challenge for all involved.
We are a motley crew at CLRP, spanning a multitude of countries, timezones and languages, which we can use to further grow this corner of the RP world.

So, how do we make this community even better?
RP Basics. Learn the rules that govern the server. If you don't understand some of the rules or how they may effect you in a situation, ASK.
RP is a huge learning curve, and you are not expected to know everything from the get-go. Support chat (discord) is there for a reason. Use it to your advantage.

How do we use this to make RP better?
Lean on the experience that we have in the server to make everyones RP experience more enjoyable.
Ask the awkward questions, and remember - THIS IS A VIDEO GAME - it is supposed to be FUN!!

A few points to the new RPer below:
- STORY: Remember what you wrote in your character bio?
If you have an idea of where you want your character to be in the future (or where they came from?) play towards that story. It might lead you down a new path.............

- INTERACTIONS: Everyone that you interact with is also a player.
Be respectful in your interactions. This means, have respect for the other players in the server. You may be 'playing' a DRUG LORD, but this doesn't give you the right to be disrespectful towards other players. Catch my drift? Stay true to your character and make your interactions meaningful. People will appreciate you and your RP skill if you can master this.

- TAKE THE 'L': This is a pretty big challenge for new RPer's.
We all play video games to WIN, do we not? And this mentality can overpower the RP sometimes.
It is OK to get caught or lose a fight. Reflect on the situation, grow from the experience and make a better decision next time.
Losing is a good thing in RP.............. trust me.
It gives your character the opportunity to grow. Stories can be reshaped or directed elsewhere.

Thanks for listening to my TedTalk - Ark2ruX (Ark)
-- Rick Bishop -- [712] Jim Bishop -- Bruce Richardson [NHW2] -- Robert Thorne [Bennys] --

**Drop me a message if you want to chat about anything in what i have outlined above :)


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Very nice write up. I agree with what you have wrote.

If a new player was to ask me for one bit of advice, the one thing I'd say is to always seperate yourself from your character. This can be difficult. The things that go on in the server are not directed toward you but your character and being able to to walk away from situations, both good and bad, understanding this will help you.

Go play, act, see what stories develope. However, when things get tough it can be hard not to get sucked in by emotions and this is where you need to learn.. Its not happening to me but my character..
Nothing is personal.


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I'll always advise people:

Don't get married to your first character(s). Some stories maynot work out as you'd imagine (for both for the better or the worse). Your first characters will develop in ways you can't imagine when you create them. Be it cop or crim - they will evolve as you start to understand the quirks of the city / server / population.

The most prominant piece of advice I always give: RP with different people. Don't stagnate with one group or with person. Everyone has something different to offer when it comes to RP and by playing with different people on different characters, you develop and hone your own RP skills.
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