Reasons why i love being a part of this community!


Senior Staff Team
-The morning wishes
-The goodnight wishes
-Besides Fivem all the other games we play together
-The moments of Joy in character
-Me being able to be who i wanna be without people judging
-The daily reminder of good memories
-having a laugh every single day
-enjoying the smallest words, moments with each other
-be close to you all
-The weird ooc voice chats with different characters
-The karaoke with all the different voices
-The false singing of some people
-And even the trolls who randomly join the server or voice chats.
-The hate towards people IC and being friends OOC
-going true a good rp scenario and talk about it afterwards
-explore new ways of showing your feelings on a whole new level
-The talks
-The messages
-How close we all can be while going true stuff.

It's not about how much you're on the server, how much money you have or who you hang around with. It's all of the above that makes me addicted to Revival. Each and every single one of you is beautiful in their own way.

Make today so perfect yesterday gets jealous <3 Love you all!

xoxo Goverment Babs
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