Possible Fix For Texture Loss and Fps Issues in the city!


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I played with alot of graphic settings over the last few days due to textures dissapearing left and right in the city, did some research and FIVEM isnt a fain of textures above normal setting, so the settings im posted here have been working for 2 days now with no texture loss and very little fps drops. I havent had one issue with textures or head exploding in the city since i set these!



Hope this will help some of you having texture issues and performance issues in the city!
<3 J.T.


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saw this on another server might help


1. Head to Task Manager

2. Click Details from the bars at the top

3. Find FiveM_GTAProcess.exe

4. Right click this and select **Set Priority**. Set this to **High**

5. Right click this again, and find **Set Affinity** and select all cores available and click okay

6. Download the program linked below and follow normal installation

7. Relaunch Task Manager

8. Head to Details then FiveM_GTAProcess.exe and select the new option called **Save Priority**

This will always launch FiveM with these settings from now forward.
link to the application attached below : https://www.prnwatch.com/prio/

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