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It has come to light recently that there is a lot of NVL in the city.

NVL, if you weren’t aware is No Value of Life, it basically means you are putting yourself in positions whereby you do not value your life and are doing dangerous and harmful movements that you wouldn’t do IRL.

We want to make this clear to everyone and let you guys know how we can all collectively help to make this place better.
If someone is pointing a gun at you, this does not entitle you to pull a gun out and attempt to hit them. It also does not entitle you to run at them and spam punch them.
Cops, if someone is pointing a gun at you and says specific orders such as get out of your vehicle and do not press your panic button, this means get out of your vehicle with your hands up and comply.

I personally as a cop hold a very weird memory of when I had guns pointed at me and I put my hands up and complied, only for the criminals to be in actual shock that I did that. That should just be a normal, run-of-the-mill kind of deal. You’re pointing a gun at me, of course, I’m going to put my hands up.

The above announcement also ties into a need to win mentality, which none of us should really aspire to have. It is a game at the end of the day, we can’t hold grudges, we don’t have time for drama and we are all here to just have a good time. Please don’t ruin it for everyone else because you don’t fancy being taken hostage or whatever the scenario is.

RP is about communication, fun, and going with the flow. It’s meant to be unscripted random fun and that’s what personally keeps me coming back.

I’ve posted this on the forums so you are all able to respond and share your thoughts and feelings on this topic as it can be quite controversial in some RP servers.

Just get out there and have fun everyone, it’s all we’re here for 😊

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