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Welcome to Los Santos!
Hello and welcome to Revival Life RP! We have developed this guide to assist new and/or returning players in adjusting to a serious roleplaying environment. Through community feedback and suggestions, we have also created several other guides and useful resources that can be accessed via forum or discord. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask the community or staff team on the discord. On behalf of the community and staff team, we would recommend everyone to read through the server rules in order to promote an environment where everyone has an immersive and realistic roleplay experience.

Where to Start Upon Arrival in the City

When you enter the city, you will arrive at the Train Station where you can customize your clothing before you begin your free roam throughout Los Santos. There will be a few things that you will need to know how to do, such as:
Understanding and monitoring your vitals: This is important when interacting with others while you have injuries or impediments that might cause your behavior to be different than normal. Use commands like /me to explain your condition to others and try to actually rp your injuries.
Employing yourself with legal work: Once you arrive in the city, you will need to acquire some sort of income and the city provides several ways to do so through the job center, conveniently located across the street from the Train Station you arrive at. As soon as you accept your job, there will be new blips on your map showing ‘workplace’ locations where you will be expected to perform your job. Some jobs require extra items or have several locations throughout the city. If you need further assistance with jobs, please use additional resources provided here.
Where to buy your mobile phone: When you first enter the city, you are not automatically given a cell phone. You must make your way to the wifi blip or the ‘Digital Den’ on your map where you can buy a phone and other communication devices.
Where to get food and drinks: There are various businesses around the city that cater to civilian needs. General stores, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, hotdog stands and food trucks are all examples of places to get refreshments while in the city.
Getting around the city: If you don't have a car yet, there's various ways to get to where you need to go. We have bike rentals available, one is right across the train station, marked on your map. We also have a train system that can take you to further destinations. You can always call a taxi if you have bought your phone already. Of course, you could always try to steal a car if that is your thing. You will need a weapon to do that.

Keys and Commands

You can find a complete list of commands and general keybinds here.

Becoming Whitelisted

You do not have to be whitelisted to play on our general roleplay server; however, people who are employed through the city such as EMS and police officers are considered whitelisted jobs. You must be 16 years or older to play on our servers, period. In order to qualify for a whitelisted job, you must also be active in the server for at least two weeks and have shown exceptionally good roleplay potential with no previous infractions. If you would like to apply for any whitelisted position, please read through each application carefully and submit your final application to be reviewed by staff. Most applications can be found in the ‘Application Centre’ on the forums, but you will also be able to submit a business or faction application through the ‘Businesses & Factions’ tab in the forums as well.

Contacting Staff Members

If you need to contact a staff member while in the city, use /report [message] to reach a staff member that will be able to assist you as soon as possible. There are also several online staff on the discord to contact if you have any concerns or issues IC. You can join our discord here.

HUD and Vitals

Your overlay shows your character’s needs while IC and is very useful for determining vital information to stay in good health. While you are in game your HUD will look like this if you are not in a vehicle:


The first bar with the heart is your health (overall condition). The bar beside it with the shield is your armor level (body armor). To the right of that bar is your hunger bar. Followed also on the right by your thirst bar. Beside the thirst bar is your oxygen meter symbolized by the O2. And lastly, your stamina meter which can be improved by going to the gym. Note: If thirst and hunger get too low, you will start to take damage.

If you are sitting in the driver's seat of a vehicle, your HUD will appear with a minimap, compass, fuel gauge, speedometer, seat belt sensor, and location for your convenience. The minimap only shows if you are in a vehicle. An example is provided below:

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