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Welcome to Los Santos Mining & Smelting Corp.



We’re so glad to have you join the team! Our team of dedicated individuals provide Los Santos with its supply of valuable resources for our construction teams to promote growth within our beautiful city. Day after day, we strive to set the standard for excellence on exporting iron and silver to create steel beams to build our skyscrapers and silver rings to show your loved ones how much you care. Please use these notes to help you exceed our expectations and to help keep yourself safe while working in hazardous conditions. Please follow all guidelines and recommendations, such as keeping yourself hydrated while mining and remaining alert while on site.

How to Get the Job

The Job Center​

  • Upon entering the job center, you will be able to select the ‘Miner’ job from the list of jobs available.
  • Once you have been employed by the job center, you must report to the Quarry, located down Senora Fwy, to go on duty.


Gathering Resources

The Davis Quartz Quarry​

  • Upon arriving at the Quarry, you will notice several big stones along the bottom of the Quarry. These will be your main sources of Iron and Silver.
  • To begin mining, walk up to the stones and press ‘E’ to begin mining. You may stop at any time to rest or drink and eat *highly recommended for hot weather*.

The Grand Banks Steel Inc. Smeltery

Smelting Your Raw Materials​

  • Upon arriving at this location, you will need to use the Security Entrance to access this building.
  • Once inside proceed to the smelter where you will be prompted to begin smelting your ore into ingots.
  • Iron will smelt automatically while silver will need to be activated each time. Smelting iron and silver together will happen automatically.
*Note: Please use extreme caution in this establishment. Horseplay is not tolerated around the smelter and could result in serious injury, even death. Any misuse of our machinery will result in immediate termination of employment.*


Selling Your Ingots

Drive to the Selling Location​

  • Once you have completed smelting, you will need to drive to a location in East Vinewood to sell your ingot.
  • Upon arrival there will be a small trailer where you will sell your ingots in whatever quantity you need.
  • Each quantity will give you a different amount of cash as well as type of material. Iron is less than silver per ingot.


Courtesy of Sallymander, Revival Life RP Secretary

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