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my name is Noah and i come from norway, and ive been playing FiveM for maybe 1 year ,but ive been engaged in rp since i was maybe 8 years old where me and my friends would escape the harsh reality while roleplaying different books and games and somewhere inbetween. i might be the youngest of everyone on the server. but yea thats me Hi!!
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Hello. My name is RK9 (Arcanine) I have been Roleplaying since 2014. Most famously on DayZ Standalone. I have had a few aliases in the past and RK9 is one I created in January 2020. I have been playing FIVEM since 2016/2017.
I work fulltime within Flight Operations for the Royal Air Force. When I am not working, I play a lot of Horrors, PVP, and Story-Driven games. I enjoy kayaking and rock climbing.
I have a new found love with this community, and I have had more fun goofing around as a Weasel and a serious businessman than I have had with any other character, anywhere else.

I currently have ONE character: Bartholomew Benson.
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Hi, im Erik. 21 y/o from Norway and have been playing FiveM for about 900+ hours.

My hobbies are gaming, football (soccer for you americans) and streaming. I have been gaming since i was about 6-7 years old and started gaming on my Xbox 360. I got my first laptop when i was about 11 and it was a piece of shit Toshiba laptop with 2GB of ram and it could barely handle minecraft, but i always made it work somehow. Bought my first "real" computer when i was 14 and thats when everything really started, with the possibility of playing minecraft on Far render distance i realized the options of playing other games was a possibility. For work I help out my elderly neighbour with painting, mowing the lawn and various things he struggles to do.

I havent been RP'ing for long, but I always felt like i hadn't fully experienced GTA:V as i hate Online with a passion. First time i found out GTA RP was even a thing was March last year. I constantly watched streamers laugh and have an awesome time. Never really thought this would be something I'd try out for myself but then in November last year i thought fuck it, downloaded FiveM and went on my search for a good server. I look through the server list and the first server i entered was CLRP. That's when i created Timothy Schmidt, argueably the worst criminal actually trying to be a good one. Back then seeing a cop at an intersection gave me a heartattack, being stopped by one was the scariest shit ever. Ultimately i realized interracting with cops werent a scary thing but I've had friends that have joined and interracting with cops were the scariest thing for them too.

For a scenario that happened a while back; After me and Georgie started shooting some local bikers up in the mountains, Moon showed up and started asking questions etc. I gave her a Love Potion "disguised" as "Schmidt's Creek Water" and she drank it. Ultimately falling in love with Timothy for the duration of the potion and also lead to her speaking gibberish on the radio and getting Trooper Andrews down to our location. The first thing he saw was Timothy and Georgie standing over Sergeant Moon's who was downed on a mountainside. Just a really fun and interesting scenario which lead to adventure, swimming, falling down a waterfall and ending up in the Sandy Shores PD cells.

I've had multiple scenarios happen along my RP journey and i appreciate this community more and more every day that goes by.
Current Characters: Timothy Schmidt - Trooper James Layton - Bob Harbacker - _______ ____
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Reets. I'm Matt. I'm 25 with change (30)

Born and raised in Scotland for most my life (a naval town so my accent isnt strong though apparently comes out when I'm drunk) but now live in northen England. Been in the Royal Artillery before going on to near 10 years working in tech support and customer services. Now working as a carer.

Only been playing FiveM for maybe a year (if that) and really struggled to find a server and community I wanted to stay and be a part of. Until I found this one. But have been big into RP since my teens, enjoying various TTRPG games though mostly D&D.

Hard to pick a single RP moment above many others but 2 of my favourites are:
1- Being kidnapped in a hearse, forced to dig my own grave and being buried alive
2- A night of celebration had with friends on a pier with plenty of drinking, pier diving and the poor decision to get matching tattoos.


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Hey, my names Sarah and I am 31

Born in Wales I have lived and moved all over Wales and England, I don't like to be tied down to one place for too long and hope to be moving again. I got into gaming late at around 18 or 19 and only then I played console rarely. I didn't buy my first computer until I was around 25 and even then it was rare I would start gaming for long periods of time,

I met Jack and he introduced me into FiveM we tried one or two servers before finding CLRP and we been around since (save for a little vacation ;) ).

I work weekends so thats why a lot of you may not see me much during those times but during the week I am usually around in some way or another.

It would be impossible to pick a favourite moment in RP as there have been so many over my time here but kidnapping Malfoy above is really up there as great moments for me.

Thats enough from me, I hope to see you all in RP ;)


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Hi, my name is Aleksandar , i'm from Serbia 25 yr old
I've started RP'ing 2 years ago, but had a huge break before i found this server.But i have been gaming ever since i could reach the keyboard
I work as a grapichs designer online, but i am started medical school this year (that's now postponed cause 2020 sucks)
My only character (so far) is Ivy McCan a EMT in training
There is a lot of Favorite RP moments in this server, all the people that i've met, all the fun i had with them
but i'd have to say being kidnapped and diggin my own grave with Matt up there was fun to RP, then my first ridealong, my first solo duty as trainee, was all super exciting and fun.
I like the server because it helps me escape everything that sucks in the real life, and it works. I do not see a reason to ever change servers, and i find myself lucky to have found one i feel like i belong in!
Have a good day! :)
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Yeah G'day CLRPers!
You may know me as Rick Bishop, friendly Mechanic? Or even Jim Bishop his EMS brother? What about............ Bruce Richardson, the chisel chinned stunner from the Neighbourhood Watch? Or maybe you know that bloke with the red hair down at Bennys, Robert 'Red' Thorne??

Well if you have met any of these characters, you have found yourself in the presence of me, Ark2ruX (Arcturus) or James as my dear mum calls me :)

I have been in the RP world for just on 12 months and after a few failed attempts at differnt servers I ended up on CLRP.
Hooked from the start and will probably never look back.........

My days are spent crawling around Coal Processing Machines completing maintenance work but I am a qualified Signwriter, self taught graphic designer and animator (kinda).

Gaming since the early 90's - Yes, i am that old (36) - gaming has always been a part of my social scene and personal time. Dealing with a solid 300 ping and download speed comparable to a third world country is what I enjoy most - welcome to Australia..........

Stay safe on the mean streets of Los Santos - Ark


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Hey, my name is Daniel. I`m from a small village in Norway, and I`m 18 years old. And a member of a political party (Yes, I am interested in politics, I know..)

I am a former E-Sport player and CEO of an E-Sport organization. I now enjoy being a part of the wonderful CLRP community <3

When I`m not playing in the server, I work with the production of different materials and accessories for different stores, etc.

When I am playing in the server I put a lot of dept in character and love the good RP we can have together.

Fun fact: My lucky & favorite number is what most of the people call "the unlucky number"... 13


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Oh dear....
Hello! My name is Benjamin (people call me Ben for short) I am 16 y/o I live in England and I'm a inside person lol (Some people may call me posh but thats because of my accent sometimes.. leave me alone :D)
So I originally started playing games on the wii with my family and playing just mario and all that and then upgraded to a ps3 when I started playing games such like The Last Of Us, Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection, just all the games that you prob would'nt see a 16 y/o play

Once the PS4 announced I decided to play games such as call of duty and gta 5
Now...That's when I first saw Gta 5 Rp when I played Gta 5 and watched twitch channels that do so such like Nopixel,
I first got a PC around about December 27th basically for Christmas and I bought Gta 5 a few weeks later and then thats when I got onto CLRP
I first saw and found CLRP when watching Daddosaurus go trucking and doing his rp stuff on streams and I loved it, "His talking made the stream better even his dances lol"
And then once I got my computer I straight up went on CLRP... My first ever Server I joined and I liked it and still do!
Few facts!
I rarely go outside only for family times or when I had school.
I'm excited for the new Last of Us Part II game coming in a few days
And tbh I'm just the coolest person ever no cap lmfao!
Thank you
Bye bye!!


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So... where to start

First off, im know as Nikk and i unfortunately live in Northern Norway (jk its great to live here) And i am what some people would say "addicted" to playing games.
I started playing games when i got a PS3 for christmas in 2011 and the first game i got for that was minecraft. And then i eventualy got into racing games when i played Need For Speed Most Wanted. I only had a PS3 up until the summer of 2016, when i got my PC wich i still use to this day.

I started playing GTA RP around 6 months ago and have pretty much been only playing that since. When i started out i had absolutely no idea what i was doing, but i am a fast learner and i set out to learn every single thing to do with GTA RP. And i am still learning new stuff. And meeting a lot of new friends in the process.

Some other things to know about me:
  • Age is no limit. I am one of the youngest people on the server, but has made more progress then others
  • I rarely exit my home
  • I get bored very easily
  • I am not english
  • I am norwegian
  • This list is getting too long
  • I need to stop
That sums up quite a bit about me
Hopefully i will see some of you that read this in RP
Have a good day and stay safe
(btw, superfazeplayer is not the coolest one on cap, he is lying)


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Not sure if I need to put anything here or not so I will anyway, excluding most of my life as it not really age appropriate.

My name is Cate, but prefer people call me Dutch. I'm 30.
Live in US/Louisiana currently. I say currently because I might make a trip back to the UK to live there again. Lived there for 2 years then left due to family emergencies.
Love my games especially with friends and a whole variety of music. My starting was Minecraft.
I've been here on CLRP around a month, after forced out of the other city USARRP. RP here is so much better than over there.
Love the outdoors, though I'm never outside in it especially with the COVID hitting this area hard.
Only leave the house if I need to, work or grocery run when they don't want to deliver.
Currently out of work for the time being.
Love tinkering with pc building sites, as I have knowledge to build my own and have before.
Hate the terminology "Master Race" regardless what it pertains to while gaming. You enjoy what you enjoy.
Some of you know a whole lot more about me than I am willing to put here, so I'll just leave this where it is.

See you around in the city friends!



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Hallu everyone!

I'm SolubleSalamander, 23, but you can call me Sally or Squishy for short. I live in the Central US time zone but it doesn't matter because my sleep schedule is trash anyways. I'm basically always online. I’m certified to scuba dive in any part of the world and I’m also certified to issue life insurance policies, fun fact. I have an affinity for dragons and keep ceramic replicas of them around the house. I spend a lot of my time playing video games and I also enjoy the pleasures of the ‘Devil’s Lettuce’. The video games I enjoy playing most are open-world, RPGs, building, MOBAs, and survival games. FiveM, Terraria, Minecraft, the Isle, Scrap Mechanic, Trove, TERA, and the Forest are just some examples of games I like to play. But I’m always down to join others anytime on a variety of different games.

I went to a small Native American university for general biology with a minor in chemistry. Through my time there, I got to dissect several animals and spend lots and lots of time in the library doing study sessions and writing reports. I’m skilled in several different things but sounding professionally educated is definitely one of those things. I enjoy writing in my spare time and creating reports, guides, presentations, handbooks, certifications… well a little bit of everything. I enjoy expressing my creativity and sometimes I draw/color, but mostly dragons and other cute things. I also collect vinyl pop figurines and right now my themes are Jurassic World, Cowboy Bebop, and Dragonball.

Most of all my friends I’ve met in online games or on discord. Most of them I met on MOBA ‘League of Legends’ and I usually end up playing it at least once every day. I first was introduced to roleplay when PERP was a big thing in GMOD after that I got a hold of a copy of GTA5 and installed FiveM. In the last city I was in, I met tons of new people and made a lot of good memories. I played a morphine-addicted EMS Director whose work was never recognized no matter how diligent the work was. She eventually resigned and eventually completely left the city. I did make a lot of friends in that city and am really lucky to still have them today. Sometimes friendly-antisocial people like us have an easy time making friends and a harder time keeping them. But if you’re into long-term friendships I’m always down.

Current Characters: Sally Mandy, and Dr. Maze Newton

Also, I make toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and swim in creeks/ponds with my shoes on and that’s not weird… fight me, you coward.

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