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Injuries with the right mindset.

Content: In the spirit of enrichening RP I thought it would be beneficial to address something often overlooked, death and injuries. Now before going in to the matter, this isn't to say it's a hard and fast rule that should always be followed, but given this is a serious RP server and the fact that playing out these parts can making for more interesting and fresh RP I hope you will at least keep this at the back of your mind.

Firstly injuries. How many times have you been shot, or accidentally fallen off a ledge only to go to the hospital and be back to 100% within minutes? It is certainly understandable nobody wants to have to ICU their character everytime they have to go to the hospital, although there are times narratively this could make for interesting such as when other people were involved in the situation that led to you going to the hospital in the first place (or if you know you have to be away from the server for a day or more due to IRL reasons).

However you could consider lighter injuries and the like that you can RP with that may either cultivate conversation in RP or have a short term impact on how you play your character. Some examples-

Somebody tackles you, and now your lightly bleeding because of hitting your head off a nearby wall. Maybe as a result perhap you're given several stitches which can come up in conversation adn when people see you either with something such as:

-/do has several fresh stitches across forehead.
-/me points at stitches at forehead
'Look what you did to me you idiot!!!'

Or perhaps you fall a short night, but enough to be injured, now you could RP having a leg injury and limp around for a while unable to fully sprint, or if one of your wrists has been hurt you could no longer use double handed items such as rifles for a day or two whilst it heals. These could be interetsing because not only does it affect yourself but if you're working PD or running with a gang doing illegal jobs it changes your usual dynamic as to how you play and may also affect those around you.

Death/Perma. Now obviously nobody can make you perma, that decision is yours and yours alone - nobody can change or impact that. That said however, it's always good to be mindful of if you're charcter died off at a particular time as a result of a particular situation what ramifications would that have for others and would that spark some interesting RP?

Example: You're in a gang and during a pursuit from the police a gun fight breaks out. You're shot and downed, and ultimately die. How will your gang react to this? Will they pursue the officer who shot you even after the immediate situation is resolved? Will they look to take revenge against the whole PD? How will the officer react? Will they feel guilt for something that may have been avoidable, or perhaps it was there first time killing somebody? (police are not hardened killers)

Alot of people have the mindset 'I will never kill this character off', and again nobody can force you to kill a character buit you should always consider the RP, it is an RP server. The only win is what makes for more interesting RP.

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