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- View houses on the map (White Available / Red Unavailable)
/house buy - Purchase House
/house finance - To finance the house
/house sell - Sell house for 50% of purchase price
/house enter - Enter House
exit - Walk to the front door and press e
/knock - Knock on door
/housekey - Shows Help for housekeys
/house price - Shows price of the house/Shows finance
/house inv- Shows house inventory (you will need to be on the right spot)
/house outfit- to pop up your closet (you will need to be on the right spot)
/house (store/take) (dirty/cash) (amount)- To take or store money at the house


Garage at your house

Garages are only accessible by the house owner.
When placing your garage do not place too near any objects including the actual garage to ensure your vehicle can spawn with enough space. Remember to check fences etc can open to let you in and out.

/setgarage - Sets your personal garage to your current location
/store - Stores vehicles in garage
/vehicles - Lists vehicles stored in garage
/drive [id] - Retrieves vehicle ID from garage


Finance explenation
To start, go to your house of choice and do /house price


/house finance - To get finance starting, you will need to pay this in cash or in debit.
you can now enter the house. If you successfully finance the house it will show up like this.


To pay your bill go to the big bank. 1st floor, first door to the left


Press m to pay a bill. When you pay multiple bills the overdue of the house will get lower.
The days till you need to pay (3 days) will stay the same.
Only the overdue will get lower.


Press E to check finance
Pess M to make a payment


When you pay your bill successfully it will show up right above. Make sure to have it in cash.

Not enough money?
After 3 days you will get locked out of the house until you pay your bills.
Finished the debt? The house is all yours!
Also, currently it's not possible to stop the finance unless you sell the house when it's paid off.

Have fun with your new house!

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