discribe your character with 3 song


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John Bradley-Andrews

Started from a cadet of the SASP to Chief of LSPD just from a year and half ago from the start.

When Andrews found his first love he reacted like he was not good enough for her.
it was a secret relationship that no one knows about
Felt like he did not deserve her at all from the police as his job and had not as much time to enjoy the time with her because of work.
Wishes to do over and hope to put work aside
Creep - Radiohead

Doing so much work and doing his very best, he would mistakes but would do his best to get back up and try harder and better
he may not be the best but from that first time cop career he felt unsteady and felt like he didn't do the best he can do
A little Unsteady

Andrews justs likes the song....
he also gets that vibe and thought that no one can change who you want to be or who you should be.
Gangsta - Kehlani

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