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It's been awhile since I've been around but I was shocked to hear the news of Dragon's passing through Twitter. I didn't know her as others knew her but the small interactions we did have were always so lovely. She was so kind and sweet to not just me but everyone. She was supportive of others whether it was offering her wise words or subscribing/giving bits to another Capital Life streamer.

While I'm no longer apart of the community (that may change in the future, who knows) my heart goes out to her family, everyone close to her and the community here. Lean on one another during this time. Internet friends are still friends, sometimes family, and grief is just as real no matter the circumstances of how you know a person. You're all in my thoughts.

- Gigi (Poppy Flower)


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Dear RR/Dragon, my first meeting with you in RP was such a awesome feeling an you showed me so much.. i remember us singing the bad boys song everytime my crim got arrested, an needed medical - you have always been the sweetest an the must inicent person, i loved your phrases like - Oh no you got a bubu, an whenever the locals were shooting at you i would always come to assist you an chat with you.. ive cried alot over this, an never realised how much you ment to me in RP etc, you reminded me of my own mother whom i lost some years back, i once told you that, an for that i am thankfu, i just "saw" you in RP not long ago on my balla in purple, an you laughed so hard when i invited you the block/bbq party at the block, you were laughing when i told you that you were welcome to hang with us cause we all were purple for lifel.. Hope that the light is brighter on the other side.

Many thoughts goes out to your loved ones, my deepest condolences.



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I didn't know Dragon outside of RP, I never really spoke to her OOC but all the interractions i had with her IC were always positive and fun. From what i know about Dragon, she was very loved throughout the community and had a positive impact on everyone she met. The times me and Dragon interracted it was always fun and usually included her showing up in her Ambulance, asking about my "boo-boo's" and the difficulties deciding whether to go with a Power Ranger or My Little Pony band-aid.

This has affected me in a way i cant describe, the world has lost a special person..
Dragon always struck me as a kind, warm and overall good person and I am sure she is looking over us all in some way.
I wanna send my sincerest condolences to all of Dragons family and friends, i hope you're doing well in these difficult times.

Sincerely, Whale/Erik


I have no idea how to put this into words. I have known you for many years and in
that time you have grown to be my family. We may never of met in person but you
were part of my life and this is something I will never forget.

You were the most kindest and loving person I knew, you were always there to help,
always there when I needed someone. You would always put a smile on my face
should it be with your RP or one of you many mis-quotes.

Heaven now has an angel. Have fun up there and forever rest in peace and without
any pain.

Your life will always continue in my memories.

Love NuttyJim

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