Book of Condolence for DragonCastle


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:( Rest In piece, I didn't have a lot of rp with your EMS but I remember this one time when I was a cadet and I was on a ridealong with the Chief and you was having your lunch break in that little spot at the job center and every time we left when we had a call you would say good luck, enjoy and boosted my confidence as a cadet,
Always will be remembered <3


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Rest in Peace..The first day i came into the city, she was the first EMS i ran into when i wanted to be ems, she was so kind to me, and boosted my confidence that i can do the job, she was an amazing person for the short time i knew her.I'm 100% sure she was even better when you knew here more.I'll never forget the all the fun i had with her.
We will always remember you.We love you! <3
I will miss you Dragon, I haven't known you as long as a few others in our community however we have known each other since 2018 and during the past 2 years, you have become like a grandmother to me, You cheered me up when I was down or struggling with something. You made me laugh when ever you swore as you started to get mad at something like our forums, I will never forget you. you will always be like a grandmother.

Rest In Peace, You will always be in my memory's.



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I will miss you dragon, even tho i had only a few encounters with you, the things that have been said that you have done just makes me mad that i did not get to know you better. The supportive attitude you had will be missed.

May you Rest in Peace and May your soul live on!


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My dearest Dragon, Roxanne, Maxine,...

Where do I even begin? I've known you for so many years and you've been nothing but an example to me. You were one of the first people I have ever met in RP and I have learned so much from you. We have had so many good memories over the years that I cannot even begin to write all of them out here.

All those times you scraped Mary's ass of the ground. No matter what situation she was in. I particularly remembered that one time I robbed a big bank and got shot until I turned into Swiss cheese and you came and picked me up and told me everything would be alright. You held my hand in that moment while bringing me to the hospital and kept with me all the way until they put me in the cell. It may sound so little right here but in that moment, in RP, it felt like the world.

Your EMS is everything I ever hope to be one day. You've known me ever since I was a cadet. It was a privilege to work under you as chief. It was an honour when YOU offered me the position of chief and it was an even bigger honour and privilege to work along side of you. You were my right hand, my go-to for any sort of advice with the department. I will lead it the way you thought me to. And don't you worry, I know exactly what you wanted to change and how you wanted it to be so I will fight for those changes to happen! But who will fire everyone from now on???

As a friend, I have known you for many many years. You always were there to put a smile on my and anyone else's face. Listening to you swear over cars throwing you out, commands not working or the forums being "a bitch", always had me in tears. You meant so much to me in so many different ways. You meant so much to so many people in this community and I can't even imagine this place and RP without you. It will never be the same.

💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜

There's no one in town I know
You gave us some place to go.
I never said thank you for that.
I thought I might get one more chance.



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I don't even know where to begin. You were one of the most loving and caring people I've ever met in RP. I always chuckle when I remember how accident prone Roxanne was, and how she had zero luck with the locals. I'll always cherish the few times we were able to talk or hang out. Heaven gained an angel and you will be truly missed on earth my friend. Thoughts and prayers go out to your family and all those who loved you as much as I do.


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I still can't wrap my head around the news. It just can't be real, but it is real.
I can still hear your laugh, I can still hear your yummy noises as you snacked on cookies. You were always there for me when I needed someone to push me past the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of. You took me under your wing and guided me through the process of being an EMS and showed me that it's okay to be silly.You were one of the most compassionate and most sincerest of anyone I had ever met.
💜 You will always be My Lieutenant, My Friend, My Sidekick and forever My Cookie. I love you and will miss you dearly 💜


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Dragon <3
Dear heartwarming, fantastic, amazing, caring, charming, sweet, beloved dragon, i am lost for words.
I have known you since december 2018. you have allways been the positive one, the one to cheer others up when they needed it the most.
You were allways there for others, and that i do appreachiate <3
I'm hearing your sweet voice in my head and it reminds me of the good moments we have had together, the times in roleplay, and the times in staff voice. The roleplay moments was fenominal, you were one of the best roleplayers on the server in my oppinion, either you were a sweet ems there to help people, or a badass biker, who didnt give a shitt about others oppinion 😂
I allways loved to talk to you, you were allways there to listen to others talking, and when you were talking, we all listened.

You will be remembered as the sweet and awesome person you were!
We will never forget you! you will allways be in our thaughts, in roleplay, and out of roleplay.
Dear Dragon, May you rest in peace
<3 Good night solider <3



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Dear Dragon, Roxanne, Maxime.

Its actually crazy. In the beginning once i joined rp on fivem i had no clue what i was doing.
I remember waking up at the station, running towards a job center. In the mean time someone joined me and decided to smack me to the ground.
I had no clue what i was doing but luckely you would get a phone with ariving. I called EMS and for the first time i was going to have an RP scenario.
You arrived and helpt me getting better. I had no idea how the control worked so i accedently pressen F2 and i crawl away from you. You had no idea and started to laugh. I tried to get up by spamming all the buttons and finally after 5 min. i understood what you where trying to say.

From that first experiance, that first time i have ever met someone in fivem its the first impress to a whole new world. You where there. and i couldnt be happier.
Soon we arrived the hollidays, snow period. You where always so joyfull, cheerfull and happy to me about that even tho you where not a big fan of all the xmas drama and pressure. I always thought i could be crazy but you where even worse! The ammound of fun, happyness, joy, love, appriciation, friendship, crazy sexual tention rp senario's you have given to me in all that time is something i can never forget.

One day i hope to just like you bring it on to someone else.

Dear sweet Dragon,
thank you so much for everything that you have teached me, every time we spend and the joy that you have given me. Im really sad that you had to go. But i am glad and thankfull that i got to know you. Thank you for being a part of us. Thank you for what u had done for us. I am sad for the people who will never get to meet you. <3


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Ive known Dragon for many years we have always had amazing times in RP and out of RP

You have been one true friend to me always been there when i hit my lows and you always pick me back up i will always remember the talks we had the laughs we had the games we played

Memories like these i will always remember and smile thinking back of all the good times we had

Dragon you are a true friend to me you will be forever missed and always remembered


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Rest in Peace Dragon/Roxanne. We've had so many great times over the last few years. You were honestly like a mother to me for a time there.

I remember our fun and thrilling times on Magicallity with Sp33d, and all the way through to Capital Life.

I am greatly saddened to see you go, and will forever miss you Dragon.



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Damn where should i even begin. I didnt quite get to know you ooc that well, but i remember the first time i got on you always helped me if it was that i got hit by a car, or just biked into a building with my rental on my way to work.. You have been a great joy for everyone on the server and i pity everyone who didnt get to meet you. So might you have a good afterlife, get reborn or whatever you do.. Salut Ami🌹the world wont be the same. - Noah D. L.


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Dragon, I was filled with sadness when I heard. We had plenty of great times from playing GTA Online to just doing normal EMS RP together. You taught me a lot about Role-play when I first joined and you were always welcoming, caring, and loving. I hope you're still the life of the party up there Dragon and may you look upon all of us you've made an impact on. You are and will always be missed.



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i met her when i first joined the city when i got dropped by locals she picked me up and made me laugh and i made her laugh i hope she is resting easy. i made her laugh when i would get dropped by something she would always be there to pick me up and we laughed about random stuff :( R.I.P


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Dragon, I don’t even know where to begin. You have been such an amazing person since the day I met you on magic. You would always come and help me when I got into the dumb stuff I would get into with Jack and the interactions I had with you would always cheer me up. I still remember when you, Anthony and I would chase Harper around the city trying to keep him under control. The times I had RPing with you since Magic have been the most memorable times. I will forever miss hearing you enjoy cookies on stream and all the laughs you’d give me.


Zambie ^‿^

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Fucking Christ, I got this news 10 minutes after the team did. My heart dropped.
Whilst I’ve only been here since the start of the Revival days and not Magicality, she’s always been there. Always up for Roleplay, trying new things, and much more. She’s always go in our discord’s and have a few laughs with us, trying to engage with everyone she can. She was genuinely one of the best people in Public Relations you could’ve asked for.

I hope she can rest in piece, and if her daughter is reading, I’m so sorry this had to happen to you. I’m yet to experience a Family Death and I can’t imagine how it’d feel.


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My heart dropped when I heard the news. Dragon/Roxanne was one of the sweestest people I've met, always messaged me when I mentioned something was wrong and always tried putting a smile on everyone's faces. I remember how funny it was when she would get mad with herself for swearing like I didn't swear every 5 min. i remember her telling me "Take it easy sweetie, we're here for you girl" and her words meant so much at that time, I don't think she ever realised. I'm really thankful for her advices and words. The fact she always made an effort of showing up on my streams to check on me and how she was always cheerful and positive about things even when stuff was happening, was a quality that I'll remember forever. I don't think I've ever heard anyone speak about her in a negative way, we all loved her and will forever miss her. Yes I'll miss roleplaying with her as Minerva but more than that I'll forever miss her laughs and positive mindset outside of videogames.

I remember her mentioning how her daughter struggled with similar things as I do with mental health and how her outlet was also videogames. My heart is with the family, especially her. If her daugher reads this, I'm so sorry for your loss, your mother was an amazing human being and the way she spoke about you showed how much she cared. Sending my love.

- Minerva/Daniela

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