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How to manage your store?
  • Walk up to your shop
  • Press L to manage your stock
  • Drag the items you wish to sell from your inventory to your shop's
  • To manage your shop, you do /shop and it will show you your management options
Shop Commands

/shop manage

This shows you all your items, how much quantity you've got and their prices. It also shows you the item's ID.

/shop price (item_id) (price)
Here you can change the prices of the items in your store. Use their Item ID (see above) and the amount you want to sell them for.
Eg: /shop price 14 8 will make it so you sell Cheese Burgers for $8

/shop bank
This will show you how much is in the bank of your shop.

/shop bank (withdraw_amount)
Whenever you want to empty the bank of your store, use this command.
Eg: If you have $100 and you want to withdraw it, do /shop bank 100
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