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🔑Keys & Commands:
Welcome to the keys & command guide!

Here you can find almost every command and keybind to help you with your RP experience. if you're looking for something in particular, we suggest using CTRL+F and search for it, as that way it might be easier and faster. If you feel like something is missing, feel free to notify us and we will get it added as soon as we can.

Character Menu (phone, vehicle, give cash, show ID etc.)
Allows you to see your and other people's server ID, as well as stats on EMS, PD and mechanics.
Opens the trunk of a vehicle
Will open up OOC for you to type in.
Lock and unlock your vehicle
Put seatbelt on (needs to be under 25 mph)
put your hands up
Get in and out of cars
Switch to first person view
Space bar

(nothing atm)
Mission's menu
Set your cruise control
Shift + H
Change your voice range (whisper, near & shout)
Shift + E
Tackle someone
See your medical stats
Open the inventory
Open up the map & settings

Reach a member of staff. Used for reports/help.
See how much cash you have
To hand over your phone number and business card
Put your clothes back on
/naked [1,2,3,4]
get naked
pick people up (they need to hold X for you to be able to pick them up)
- Repeat to put them back down
Kidnap a NPC Ped - Random chance of being successful.
- repeat to put them back down
cancels your current action
To lay down in hospital beds
Check how much dirty money you have
Make your character pass out/die
/smoke, /joint
To smoke
/giftcar [ID]
To give someone a car (both need to be sitting in the car)
Get into the trunk of a car (car needs to be empty)
Use to roll a dice
Shows last 10 notifications
Makes a knocking sound
Shows your current fitness levels
/GPS [coordinates]
allows you to get the coordinates of your current position
/chatsize [size] (12-32)
Changes the size of the chat
/img [link, has to be .png or .gif]
This allows you to post pictures on twitter
To type in ooc. Use only when needed, not to chat
To switch characters
/e + emote
To use an emote, for example
/e chair(2)
To sit on a chair
get on your knees/surrender
/dance [1-25]
To shake what your momma gave ya
pushes your car. Press E to stop pushing it
Shows you all the invoice information and commands
Shows you all the storage information and commands
Shows you the emotes you can use on Twitter
/Payment Card
Sets it to take money direct from your bank (10% VAT Charge)
/Payment Cash
Sets it to take money direct from your wallet (No Charge)
/payphone [number]
Allows you to make calls (Chargeable)
Will give you all information on using envelopes

- View houses on the map (White Available / Red Unavailable)
/house price - View price of house
/house buy - Purchase House
/house sell - Sell house for 50% of purchase price
/house enter - Enter House
/house exit - Exit House
/knock - Knock on door
/housekey - Shows Help
Garages (2 Slots)
Garages are only accessible by the house owner. When placing your garage do not place too near any objects including the actual garage to ensure your vehicle can spawn with enough space. Remember to check fences etc can open to let you in and out.
/setgarage - Sets your personal garage to your current location
/store - Stores vehicles in garage
/vehicles - Lists vehicles stored in garage
/drive [id] - Retrieves vehicle ID from garage
/house outfit
- Opens outfit menu
/house inv - Opens Inventory Menu

- View hotels on the map (White Available / Red Unavailable)
/hotel - Show information about the hotel
/hotel rent [Number of Days] - Rent hotel for X days
/hotel locks - Toggles Locks

This guide will be frequently updated. If you find anything needs changing or we missed something, let u know!
Last updated: 28/11/2020
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