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Welcome to FedEx Delivery Services


We’re so glad to have you join the team! We happily serve the citizens of Los Santos with fast and reliable delivery of everyday goods. Our standards of service exceed our competitors expectations and we recognize our employees as valuable assets to our operation. We represent our business with pride and take constructive feedback from our customers seriously. Rain, sleet or shine, we get your packages to you on time! As a newly hired employee, please read through these resources for valuable information that will be crucial to performing our mission effectively.

How to Get the Job

The Job Center​

  • Upon entering the job center, you will be able to select the ‘FedEx’ job from the list of jobs available.
  • Once you have been employed by the job center, you must report to the office in Paleto to receive your route.


Obtaining Your Delivery Vehicle​

Post Op Box Truck​

  • Upon arrival, you will notice a small circle inside the gate.
  • Move into the circle and press ‘E’ to start working.

Preparing Your Van

Loading Your Packages​

  • Once you have gotten your van to the other side of the building, you must begin loading your packages into your van.
  • As soon as you have loaded all your packages into your van, you may begin your route as marked on your GPS.



Transit to Clients​

Follow Your Route to Destination​

  • Once your truck is loaded, you will be routed to your destination on your GPS.
  • If your route doesn’t show up automatically, go to your map, look for the small flag blip and click on it to route there.

Drop Off Your Package

Keeping Clients Happy​

  • As soon as you arrive at the destination, you will see an arrow signifying the drop area.
  • After you exit your van, you will receive a prompt to take the package from your van.


Completing the Delivery​

Receiving a Payment​

  • Once you successfully deliver a package to the client, you will receive a payment.


Courtesy of Sallymander, Revival Life RP Secretary

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