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Welcome to the Los Santos Department of Water & Power


We’re so glad to have you join the team! We strive to make sure the citizens of Los Santos have water and power 24/7. Occasionally, there are some spots around the city that need electrical component repairing and it will be up to you to tend to these responsibilities. These onboarding notes have been created to help assist you in doing your job correctly and safely.

How to Get the Job

The Job Center

  • Upon entering the job center, you will be able to select the ‘Water & Power’ job from the list of jobs available.
  • Once you have been employed by the job center, you must report to the Water & Power building symbolized by your workplace blip on your GPS.

Starting Your Job


Obtaining Your Box Truck

  • Upon entering the Water and Power building you will find a small blue circle.
  • Walking up to the circle and pressing ‘E’ will put you on duty and allow your truck time to be delivered outside.
  • Once delivered outside, your truck has a GPS telling you your destination.


Doing Electrical Work

Repairing Components Around the City

  • Once you have reached your destination, find the electrical pole or transformer box that brings up the prompt below.


Completing Your Job

Receiving Payment

  • Once you have completed repairing your electrical component, you will receive payment immediately afterwards.

Courtesy of Sallymander, Revival Life RP Secretary

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