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Welcome to Downtown Cab Co.



We’re so glad to have you join the team! We hope to create easy and understanding onboarding notes to help you adjust to your new job. These onboarding notes will help you adjust to the performance aspects of this job, as well as the social aspects. The loyalty of our drivers is an important aspect of our company and we hope to provide the necessary knowledge to be able to do your job efficiently. Our clients are depending on us to be there for their transportation needs and we hope to do our best to accommodate everyone.

How to Get the Job​

The Job Center

  • Upon entering the job center, you will be able to select the ‘Taxi’ job from the list of jobs available.
  • Once you have been employed by the job center, you must report to the Downtown Cab Co. symbolized by your workplace blip on your GPS.

Obtaining Your Taxi

The Cab Garage​

  • Upon entering, you will find a yellow circle near the desk. Press ‘E’ to get your taxi.


Starting the Job

Obtaining Clients​

  • Use command /fares to begin searching for clients to pick up.
  • Once your new client is found, drive to the location and wait for them to enter your taxi.

Completing Your Job

Dropping Off Clients​

  • Upon nearing the end of your destination, you will find a yellow upward pointing arrow.
  • Pull up to that arrow and come to a complete stop.
  • Your client will get out and you will receive payment.


Courtesy of Sallymander, Revival Life RP Secretary

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