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  1. Ark2ruX

    Meet the RLRP community!

    Yeah G'day CLRPers! You may know me as Rick Bishop, friendly Mechanic? Or even Jim Bishop his EMS brother? What about............ Bruce Richardson, the chisel chinned stunner from the Neighbourhood Watch? Or maybe you know that bloke with the red hair down at Bennys, Robert 'Red' Thorne?? Well...
  2. Ark2ruX

    Reflections on RP and how to improve?? New to the community?

    Disclaimer: Comments below do NOT represent opinions of Admin/Staff/Support Team of CLRP. They are purely my own observations and opinions. Hi CLRP Community, As you all know we have had a great influx of people to this RP Community (which is awesome) in the past couple of months. Some of you...

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