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  1. Sp33dD3mons

    RLRP Launcher Guide

    This step by step guide is to help you install and use our server's launcher. Step 1. click on this link to download our launcher. Revival Life RP Launcher Step 2. Once downloaded go to the folder your download's are located and double click the file RLRP-Launcher-Build.exe Step 3. A warning...
  2. Sp33dD3mons

    Share you'r Pc specs!

    AMD Ryzen 1800x CPU Corsair vengence LPX 16GB Memory Asus ROG Strix x370-F Motherboard Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070 Graphics card Samsung Evo 970 NVMe M.2 250GB SSD Samsung Evo 860 1TB SSD EVGA 650watt PSU Corsair Obsidian 500D Case CoolerMaster MasterLiquid 240 AIO Logitech G910 keyboard Corsair...
  3. Sp33dD3mons

    Book of Condolence for DragonCastle

    Ive known Dragon for many years we have always had amazing times in RP and out of RP You have been one true friend to me always been there when i hit my lows and you always pick me back up i will always remember the talks we had the laughs we had the games we played Memories like these i...

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