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  1. babs

    Phone Manual

    For a full document of the manual here is the link:
  2. babs

    Faction or business availability

    Some people have informed us that it isn't always clear what faction or business is taken and what is actually available in the city at the moment. Obviously you will need to find out in rp but we can share some sort of information ;) If the owners of a business or faction is looking for an...
  3. babs

    discribe your character with 3 song

    Looking forward to the responses! - grandson - Blood // Water Elle King - Ex's & Oh's Elvis Presley - (You're The) Devil in Disguise
  4. babs

    House guide

    Commands /houses - View houses on the map (White Available / Red Unavailable) /house buy - Purchase House /house finance - To finance the house /house sell - Sell house for 50% of purchase price /house enter - Enter House exit - Walk to the front door and press e /knock - Knock on door...
  5. babs

    Spam the emotes

    everyone likes to be welcomed. Therefore we want people to share the positive vibes in our community! Spam those emoticons in the welcome channel and make everyone feel welcome!
  6. babs

    Reasons why i love being a part of this community!

    -The morning wishes -The goodnight wishes -Besides Fivem all the other games we play together -The moments of Joy in character -Me being able to be who i wanna be without people judging -The daily reminder of good memories -having a laugh every single day -enjoying the smallest words, moments...
  7. babs

    Injuries RP

    Injuries with the right mindset. Content: In the spirit of enrichening RP I thought it would be beneficial to address something often overlooked, death and injuries. Now before going in to the matter, this isn't to say it's a hard and fast rule that should always be followed, but given this is...

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