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  1. Lewis

    discribe your character with 3 song

    John Bradley-Andrews Started from a cadet of the SASP to Chief of LSPD just from a year and half ago from the start. When Andrews found his first love he reacted like he was not good enough for her. it was a secret relationship that no one knows about Felt like he did not deserve her at all...
  2. Lewis

    Share you'r Pc specs!

    Jelious and stop flexing :D lol
  3. Lewis

    Share you'r Pc specs!

    I5-9400f Nvidia GTX 2060 16GB DDR4 2444hz RAM some motherboard idk some fans idk lol Magic Eagle Keyboard and mouse NOC Monitor idk Leave me alone pls*its ok*
  4. Lewis

    Book of Condolence for DragonCastle

    :( Rest In piece, I didn't have a lot of rp with your EMS but I remember this one time when I was a cadet and I was on a ridealong with the Chief and you was having your lunch break in that little spot at the job center and every time we left when we had a call you would say good luck, enjoy and...
  5. Lewis

    Meet the RLRP community!

    Oh dear.... Hello! My name is Benjamin (people call me Ben for short) I am 16 y/o I live in England and I'm a inside person lol (Some people may call me posh but thats because of my accent sometimes.. leave me alone :D) So I originally started playing games on the wii with my family and playing...

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